February 15, 2014

Blogging Challenge for World Read Aloud Day - Week #1 - Thanks, Mom!

I'm happy to participate in the WRAD Blog Challenge described in Matthew C. Winner's blog post. This is my first WRAD celebration! 

Challenge for Week 1: February 10 - 16

What is your earliest or fondest memory in which someone read aloud to you?

This question has come up before

I learned to read with Animal Friends, a Golden Book by Jane Werner Watson. I loved this book so much, and my mother read it to me over and over again. On the upteenth time, I started to read the book to her

It took my mother a little while to realize that I was indeed reading each individual word with understanding. I'll never forget the astonished, pleased look on my mother's face, and recalling that magical moment has brought a smile to my face over the years.

I don't remember what became of the book. About ten years ago, I decided to hunt down a copy. I finally found Animal Friends on eBay, and I eagerly paid the asking price of $9.95.

The book now has a special spot in my We LUV Reading glass cubby. (Someday I'll do a post about my collection of reading what-nots.) 

How do you plan to celebrate WRAD on March 5?

High school social studies teacher and EdTech integrationist Darin Swenson invited me to read aloud to kindergarteners and first graders via Skype or Hangout (I'll be participating via Hangout). So exciting!

I've chosen to read Too Many Mangos by Tammy Paikai.

LitWorld has an Author Read Aloud planned. Check out Skype in the Classroom to schedule a time with an author.

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Find out how you can participate at litworld.org/worldreadaloudday.

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Next week's blog challenge involves answering a few reading questions with a child. It will be fun!

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