July 16, 2010

Top 100 eBooks Downloaded from Project Gutenberg -- An Ongoing Tally

THANKS to Seabury alum Ben Rogers '82, who sent this wonderful link to me, noting that he had read 75% of the books on the list!

"I used to hate the summer reading lists when they came out because although instructed to read 15 to 21, my mom always made me read the whole list...now I am thankful..."

How many on the list have YOU read?


July 13, 2010

Bookmark That Book! A Cool Reading Rec Site


You gotta LOVE reading if have your very own blog about the books you read!

I remember when David was a teeny guy running around our campus. Now he's a Middle School Director in DC, and still finds the time to read AND blog (so eloquently) about it. I love his 5-star system.

Kudos to David for spreading the good word about books and reading!

July 10, 2010

Fairy Tales, Clifford the Dog, and Grover

I love that BOOKS AND READING play a prominent part in this 1-minute PBS Kids Emmy-winning video! (Not to mention that Grover is my favorite Sesame Street character.)


July 9, 2010

How DO We Build an Internet That Encourages Serious Learning?

"It could be that the real debate will not be books versus the Internet but how to build an Internet counterculture that will better attract people to serious learning."

So concludes sharp-minded Op-Ed NY Times columnist David Brooks, in "The Medium is the Medium".

Regarding the importance of books in children's lives, Brooks refers to:

"Free Books Block 'Summer Slide in Low-Income Students"

"Family scholarly culture and educational success: Books and schooling in 27 nations

Brooks notes that the Internet keeps one well-informed. "But the literary world is still better at helping you become cultivated, mastering significant things of lasting import. To learn these sorts of things, you have to defer to greater minds than your own. You have to take the time to immerse yourself in a great writer’s world. You have to respect the authority of the teacher."

Here are some readers' reactions to Block's article:


So, my dear Watson, how DO we build an Internet that encourages serious learning?