December 9, 2012

Shakespeare Festival Fun at Seabury Hall

Every year, our Sophomore class puts on a Shakespeare Festival during a school day and invites the entire school. Playgoers rotate around the campus to view the vignettes. The tight schedule allows each viewing group to watch 4-6 scenes out of 17.

Typically, the day begins with a school-wide assembly, and this year's presentation was Exceptional. Will and Billy Shakespeare showed up, both claiming to be the real Shakespeare.

They were put to the test by the Sophomores! A barrage of questions and a "To Be Or Not To Be" recitation contest later, Billy (on the right) ended up winning, by one measly point.

Here are all of the groups.

Aren't the costumes beautiful and the sets terrific?

Each group presented the history of their scene, which required research. Here's our Shakespeare LibGuide that students could use to help them with their fact-finding.

Because Hamlet, Act V, Scene II was performed in the library, it was my favorite. :) (Yes, I know I'm not supposed to say my favorites out loud.)

Hamlet, Act V, Scene II

Reports from playgoers indicate that all 17 groups were interesting to watch!

There was an original game after every reenactment, with edible prizes for audience participants.

Mr. Winham had this to say about this year's festival: "So there's one thing I don't like about the Shakespeare Festival. I can only watch 6 performances out of 17!"

I look forward to the Shakespeare Festival every year! It's a wonderful Seabury tradition. 

A thousand thanks to our English teachers who guide the Sophomores to do their best.