March 28, 2010

Guys Read!

Yes, Guys do read!

Miss Davis passed along this great book site for our boys to check out:

Thanks, Miss Davis!

And be sure check out (former SH teacher) Mr. Latendresse's lists too.


March 20, 2010

Father and Daughter Bond by Years of Reading

Sarah Bott '80 sent me this wondrous article in today's N.Y. Times online about "The Streak", which started out as a bet between father and daughter and turned into so much more.

Generation B - Father and Daughter Bond by Years of Reading

And yes, Sarah is right. This article definitely does indeed warm the cockles of this librarian's heart.

Generation B = Smart. I like that. I like that a lot.

Mahalo, Sarah.


March 17, 2010

YouTube Video on The Future of Publishing, by DK

This video speaks for itself. Via Seabury alum Devaki Murch '92. Thanks, Devaki!

From "Here's the note from YouTube: This video was prepared by the UK branch of Dorling Kindersley Books. Originally meant solely for a DK sales conference, the video was such a hit internally that it is now being shared externally. ..."


March 3, 2010

Reading and Writing about Hawaii -- in an ezine

Seabury alum Frances Ort writes for an ezine called 360boom-ezine

I enthusiastically recommmend her latest article about whales, which includes a highly personal encounter (do NOT try this at home).