May 29, 2011

What was your favorite book as a child?

Following Scholastic's lead, I asked this question of my Facebook friends a month ago. (Where did the time go?)

They could choose any time during their formative years. And, yes, my comment is in there too.

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Michelle The Classic Winnie the Pooh. And ALL the Laura Engle's books :) I still want a little house on a prairie !!

Susan One Kitten is Not Too Many. My sister read it to me so often I memorized it and just like that I could read!

Emily Age 3 to about 6- Where the Wild Things Are. Ages 6-10 The little House on the Prairie series. Age 3 to present any Dr. Seuss book.

Julia Little House on the Prairie series. I still read them today! Then I also got HOOKED on the Black Stallion series. I also read a ton of Nancy Drew, but got bored pretty quickly as they are the same over and over...

Sally Anything by Dr. Seuss throughout my childhood. Nancy Drew mysteries. Mr. Popper's Penguins.

Jim Tales of a Fourth Grade nothing, Super Fudge...

photo © 2007 Jesse Wagstaff | more info (via: Wylio)Rachael Miss Suzy, The Berenstain Bears, Cookie Monster and the Magic Cookie Tree, The Jumble Bears or anything else by Molly Brett

Brian Encyclopedia Brown detective series from about 2nd grade to about 4th grade.

Jim Ender's Game is a fav too!

Mike ‎"You should have been here an hour ago" Phil Edwards - Inspired my move to Hawaii :)

Ben Winnie the Pooh - lots of stuff in between- Lord of the Rings...

Moka ‎"Oh the Thinks You can Think" - Dr. Seuss

Azi By Enid Blyton.."The Famous Five"...

Nancie ‎"The Phantom Tollbooth." Loved that one.

Anne Charlotte's Web

Virginia Wizard of Oz, the Secret Garden, all the Narnia books, all the Beverly Cleary books

Jackie Abraham Lincoln's Biography.

Adrea Eloise by Kay Thompson!!!

Connie Dr. Doolittle Books - i read every one!

Ned Black like me. I read it back in high school. A wonderful eye opener that is fast, easy, informative, and very enjoyable reading.

Shannon Momotaro, The Firebird, King Stork for fairytales. A Wrinkle In Time, The Count of Monte Cristo and The Laura Ingalls series (of Little House on The Prairie fame) However, To Kill A Mockingbird is still one of my most favorites. I still read it about every 2 years and find something new in it each time.

Denise Mine was The Phantom Tollbooth as well. (Also, The Monster at the End of This Book (with Grover)

Ned And if we may ask "what is your favorite book?" (addressed to me, Linda)

Linda I learned to read in the same way Susan did, with a Golden Book: Animal Friends by Jane Werner. I didn't keep the original. I looked for years for a copy and finally found one on eBay. It's now in a plastic cover on my "We LUV Reading" glass bookshelf, which is filled with reading figurines and what-nots. The book celebrates the needs of each animal. The other book that had a profound influence on me is Black Like Me (same choice as you, Ned) by John Howard Griffin -- this book definitely colored (pun popped up in my mind, unintended but appropriate!) my view about prejudice.

Jamia Black Beauty

Virginia Oh I forgot All Creatures Great and Small and the other books in that series, and of course the Anne of Green Gables series! :)

Robin Felber Ohhh, Linda. I forgot to submit mine. My childhood favorite was an English series called "Green Knowe." It is no longer in print, yet there is talk of making a series of movies. I loved these books so very much. They were magical and wonderful!

(second update -- Rebecca Serle is a Seabury Hall alum)
Denise Hi, Linda! Did you know about this blog post that Rebecca Serle wrote several months ago? Ten Top Classic Children's Books

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Thanks so much to my Facebook friends who took the time to comment. You make my life rich.

And since Dr. Seuss was mentioned more than once, I'm adding this fantastic book trailer created by Rebecca Warnberg, an elementary ed major at the University of South Alabama.

(Side trip: to learn more about Rebecca and how up-and-coming teachers might be viewing technology use in the classroom, view her enlightening 8-min. Final Reflection Video for EDM 310)

. . . What about you? What was your favorite book, growing up?