April 17, 2011

Looking for the book I LIVE IN THE FUTURE & HERE'S HOW IT WORKS -- in print, on an ereader, or on a mobile phone

Interesting how paper.li works!

I tweeted the following:

7 Must-Read Books on the Future of the Internet | Brain Pickings http://bit.ly/g9ZsV5 #HASL11 #tlchat

A few hours later, as I was reading The jasmont daily, a paper "shared by Glenda Morris + 818 followed people on Twitter", I noticed that my tweet had generated a video in the Media section, about the book I Live in the Future & Here's How It Works by Nick Bilton.

What a COOL concept: No matter if you're reading the book in print, on an e-reader, or a mobile phone, you can interact with the content. This means entering a discussion with other readers, or watching videos.

With the book in print, you can use a QR code reader.

Check out the video:

The bottom line? I love that the book in print is offered as an equal option for those who prefer the format, rather than as an either/or proposition.


I'm definitely purchasing I Live in the Future & Here's How It Works for our library! (in print)


@nickbilton's Twitter description: "Lead Technology Writer, The New York Times, Bits Blog. NYU/ITP Adjunct Professor. Book Author: 'I Live in the Future & Here's How it Works'"