April 1, 2011

MEMIDEX: COOL DICTIONARY (PLUS) SITE for Readers, Word Lovers, Learners, Everyone ...

Tweet it from the highest rooftops!
MEMIDEX: Very cool dictionary (but so much more!) site RT @ via @ [@mauilibrarian2's actual tweet dated March 29]
Not too many in my close circle tweet (yet) -- they're very busy teaching + I'm happy to be a tweet filter of sorts. So here's a rough translation:

Larry Ferlazzo (of Websites of the Day fame) retweeted @englishcomp's (English Companion's highly-esteemed Jim Burke) tweet about this fantastic resource. You can click on the hashtags #words, #engchat or #etymology, which I added, to explore the latest related tweets containing those tags. Bit.ly is a shortened URL service (one of many) you can use so that you'll have more room for "meat" in your 140-character tweet.

And, YES, Memidex is that cool.
"With its millions of reference links along with other features such as auto-suggest, adult-filtering, mobile support, and free tools, Memidex is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get and compare online definitions, synonyms, etymology, and audio pronunciation." 
-- from Memidex announces Internet's first definition, audio, and etymology index of its kind - press release via PressReleasePoint

I went to the site's Free Memidex Tools page and found the code for a search box, which I embedded below. I'll embed it on our library's site too.

Go ahead, try it out for yourself!

As you can see,

Definition results include Wikipedia, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the American Heritage Dictionary, New World Dictionary, Wiktionary, Macmillan British Dictionary, Oxford Dictionary, and Random House Dictionary.

Eytmology results include: Online Etymology and Wiktionary.

Audio Pronunciation results include Wiktionary, Macmillan British Dictionary, Macmillan American Dictionary, and the Free Dictionary, Merriam-Webster Pronunciation, and Google Dictionary.

... WOW!

Why does this reader-word lover-learner love Memidex so much? It's all about having the ability to make comparisons quickly. Our students and teachers need more sites like this.

Most excellently done, Memidex! A big MAHALO (TY) for putting together such an amazing, highly useful educational site!


Memidex is a company based in Montreal. The News tab on the site will take you to a history of the development of the app.