March 16, 2011

Library Going to the Dogs: You Can Check One Out at the Yale Library!

Did I mention how much I love dogs (and libraries, and books and reading)?

Monty, a border terrier mix (photo courtesy of Above the Law)
This article caught my attention (via @LibraryJournal):

I can't tell you how tickled I was to see this, and I'm hoping that the program will indeed help stressed-out students!

Here's the original announcement made in September, complete with the card catalog listing!

from Above the Law: A Legal Tabloid

And from the Yale Daily News:

Two personal connections for me: 
Here are more feel-good articles about Monty:

Yale Law's new ufference librarian: Monty the dog - Yale Alumni Magazine blog
Yale Law School May (or May Not) Have a Therapy Dog for Students - Education - GOOD

And here's a nice article about the value of therapy animals:

Animals can help humans with all kinds of therapy from St. Louis Today


Maybe we could do something at our school. Kathy of Hawaii Canines for Independence sounded enthusiastic when I mentioned it ...