October 29, 2010

You Are What You Read - Scholastic's New Social Networking Site!

What five books have most influenced YOUR life? What is YOUR Bookprint?

Yesterday, Scholastic Book Co. launched its "You Are What You Read" site, a place where readers across the globe can dialog about new books.

"You Are What You Read" is part of Scholastic's Read Every Day. Lead a Better life global campaign. The site is for all ages, and it's incredibly rich!

Here's a news story from PR Newswire that summarizes the COOL features of the site:

THE STACKS for Kids has tabs for Books and Authors, Games, Blog, and Message Boards.

Here's an excerpt from the site:

What is a Bookprint?

"A Bookprint is the mark that a book leaves on our lives, shaping who we are and who we become. It is our textual lineage as described by Dr. Alfred Tatum, professor at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Our textual lineage is a reading and writing autobiography which shows that who you are is in part developed through the stories and information you’ve experienced."

What is Pass It On?

Pass It On is a component of You Are What You Read that allows you to share the reads of your life, whether it’s with a family member, a friend, or a complete stranger. Pass It On encourages you to share your favorite books with other people—whether by gifting them to someone you know, donating them to someone in need, or just leaving a copy on a park bench for someone else to enjoy. On the Pass It On page, you’ll be able to select a book, print out a bookplate for your book, and pass it on!

The Books Around the World Map shows where users who have added a book to their Bookprint, “Liked” a book and Passed On or received a book are located."

I think I know some kids and adults who might be interested in taking a look at this site.