October 15, 2010

What Should I Read Next? 3 Quick-Search Sites!

The Book Seer
Here are 3 very cool QUICK-SEARCH sites for finding your next book to read.

Choose books according to what you want in a book, on a sliding scale. For example, funny to serious, conventional to unusual, optimistic to bleak, etc., as well as by character, plot, and setting.

What Should I Read Next
"Enter a book you like and the site will analyse our database of real readers'
favorite books (nearly 70,000 different titles so far, and more than a
million reader recommendations) to suggest what you could read next."

The Book Seer
Type in the title and author of the book you just read, and the Book Seer will come up with a list of suggestions from Amazon.

Book choosing via the Internet is easy and fun!