October 5, 2012

A Price Comparison Google Custom Search Engine for Librarians and Other Thrifty Book Buyers

I purchase books for our students from three vendors: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million.

Yes, I'm thrifty. I want my money's worth! So comparing book prices is a must. And there is no doubt about it: finding the best price for each individual book is time-consuming. 

An engine that searches all three vendors simultaneously? -- now wouldn't that be a fantastic timesaver! I dismiss the thought. Too hard to build, I guess.

Enter the folks at howtogeek.com, with a clear, detailed how-to article to create your own Google custom search engine. I decide to try it.

Who knew it would be so easy?

Go ahead, try it! Tip: For best results, add "price" or "cost" to your query.

Here's a short, easy-to-remember tinyurl link to the search engine in a separate window.

You can also

     •Add the Book Price Comparison custom search engine to your Google homepage, or

     •Add this search engine to your blog or webpage with color and size customization 

Feel free to use this Book Price Comparison custom search engine in the format that best fits your needs. And yes, you might want to create your own, to include your favorite vendors.

Happy book buying!


P. S. If you want to create a Google Custom Search for a wiki, here's a nice tutorial from mediawiki.org.

10/07/12 Update: Just found Shoptimate, a Google Chrome extension that pops up anywhere you're shopping, and displays 3 best prices. Nice!