September 4, 2010

5 Places to Get FREE Books

Librarians LOVE the word free. This was sent to me by Seabury grad and friend Ben. Mahalo, Ben!

number1Project Gutenberg This is the oldest free book site on the internet.  Project Gutenberg contains over 30,000 books ranging from classics to public domain works.  The best part is the entire project is done by volunteers and donations through PayPal.
number2Bookmooch If you want to get your hands on a real free book, Bookmooch might be the place to look.  They work on a system of trading in your old books for someone else’s old books.  You acquire points by mailing out your books and when you accumulate enough points, you can request a new book.  It cleans your house and you get to recycle at the same time!
number3Daily Lit Most people I know complain that they don’t have “time to read”, yet, they will pour through hundreds of emails per day and think nothing of it.  Well, Daily Lit has come up with a solution if you are out of time.  They email you the book you want to read in short, consumable pieces. You don’t get more than you can read in a five minute email and eventually you have read a whole book!
 I like this web site for the simple reason that they include comic books in with the rest of their enormous library.  Another great feature of this site is the use of the pop up synopsis.  Hover your mouse over a book you want to read and you get an idea of what the book is about.
 So you say you don’t have time to read at all?  How about have someone read it to you?  That’s what Librivox has done.  They have taken books and had volunteers read them and put them into an audio file for you to play on your mp3 player.