August 9, 2011

You Have No Idea How Ridiculously Happy This Reading Photo Makes Me

I collect reading photos from my Facebook friends, many of whom are Seabury alumni.

I love ALL of the photos I collect. But this one? This is the Best. Photo. Ever.

Paul is an '82 graduate, and this is his dog Sam. Paul's caption on Facebook?
"Sam loves a good story ..."
Here it is 29 years after Paul graduated, (where did the time go?) and Paul is reading one of my all-time favorite books about -- you guessed it -- a boy and his dog. The photo mirrors the story.

Here are three reviews of David Wroblewski's fabulous book:
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle: Reviews (on the author's site)
Talking to Dogs Without a Word (NY Times review)
Why Oprah Loves Edgar Sawtelle (
People ask me almost every day when I'm going to retire. And I always say to them that I love my job. This photo is yet another reason I really do mean what I say. Rewards pop up in the most unusual places. (Go ahead, click on the image to enlarge it)

And yes, of course we have copies in the library!


P. S. Thanks, Paul :)