July 5, 2011

"Your Next" Series: Read, Film, Game, Present - A COOL Set of Sites!

Thanks to Richard Byrne for his suggestion of Your Next Read, which is a visual search engine for finding books. Here's a nice description and review of Your Next Read by AppAppeal.

The site will be a fantastic addition to our library's list of book-finding sites
Find a Book to Read

I notice that Your Next Read co-founders Robert Boland and Marko Dukic also created three other sites using the same design:
Your Next Game: Video Game Recommendations
Your Next Present: Present Recommendations
Your Next Film: Film Recommendations
The series taps the expertise of its audience -- a social media feature we've come to expect. They all have a thumbs-up, thumbs-down method for reader input. Simple and effective -- I like it!

The sites are ad-free; the creators get a small percentage of any book, film, present, or game you purchase from Amazon. See their Support Us page for Books.

You can sign up, but you don't need to.
"Signing up allows us to store your preferences, remember your recommendations (so you can see what you've already recommended when you return) and hear about updates and improvements to the site."
I find this transparent business model clean, elegant and inobtrusive, and I think the "Your Next" series services will be extremely helpful for our students and teachers.

Can't wait to see how these sites develop!