December 19, 2010

Three Little Pigs iPad App Presents Pop-Up Book Of The Future (VIDEO)

This pop-up book app is dazzling, and perfect for the visual learner. There's no doubt that it offers more in the way of knowledge (the x-ray view).

But what about the kinestheti­c learner (aren't all toddlers kinestheti­c learners)?

A toddler can control the speed of a lo-fi pop-up book, look at it from different angles, finger-rea­d at his/her own pace minus the danger of setting off a distractin­g effect, i.e., use different parts of his/her brain to make as many connection­s as possible as he/she explores. There are other advantages that a child developmen­t specialist could enumerate more articulate­ly, I'm sure.

This would be a spectacula­r *additiona­l* experience­, not a replacemen­t. It's all about making connection­s, and the more connection­s the better, IMO.

Maybe I'll ask my child psychologi­st friend Heather what she thinks ...


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12/20/10 update: See Dr. Heather's comment below, and my follow-up post on mauilibrarian2 in Olinda