November 17, 2010

Global Education Conference 2010, the Shortie Awards, and "Once Upon a Time" Book Animation

The stars were perfectly aligned today as I entered the workshop "Youth Filmmaking: Connecting To The Classroom And The World" of the Global Education Conference 2010.

They were discussing Shortie, a festival of the "best youth-made films from around the world ... short films, big ideas, youth created." 

"Established in 2001, The Shortie Awards: Student Film and News Festival recognizes original digital media productions created by student filmmakers, ages 7-18, and their teachers. The Shortie Awards focuses on nurturing imagination and celebrating stories from all over the world."

So, I went to the screening room and the first film showing was "Once Upon a Time" a finalist in the animation category for 2010. 

A poignant animation about the life of a 
boy as moves his way to adulthood.

It was the perfect beginning to this school librarian's day!

Here's a description of the workshop from the conference:

"The increasing popularity of digital media tools allows us to communicate in a way we never have before. This allows for new opportunities! Digital media tools allow educators and students to communicate in unique, creative, and globally connecting ways. Learning through digital filmmaking teaches essential learning and communication skills while tapping student creativity and teaching the life skills involved in project-based learning. MHz Networks has been championing the practice of using student-created media as a tool for education, empowerment and connection. Working closely with the Department of Education and the schools of Northern Virginia, MHz Education created a curriculum for teaching filmmaking in the classroom as well as The Shortie Awards: International Film and News Festival. The Shortie Awards have received youth-made films from all over the world. Youth filmmaking is learning on so many levels. It is a way to learn about the world, through youth-made films from around the world, as well as a way to share your story and ideas with the world." 

This is my first experience participating in a completely virtual conference, and I'm still marveling at the technology. The conference continues through Thursday. It's well-worth the while of any educator interested in making global connections.

The conference is using Elluminate, a fantastic web-conference program which allows for full audience participation. The conference is all FREE.

Technology, filmmaking, and books converging -- yes, definitely a great start to my day.


P.S. Check out  theshortieawards channel on YouTube.