April 20, 2010

Independent Reading Part 2: Why Ms. Sefton Loves to Blog

Sophomore English teacher Ms. Sefton uses blogs to elicit responses from her students regarding their independent reading choices. And she loves it!

Here are some responses from her students:
  • Dominic likes the fact that he can access the blog anywhere, and it's easier to organize. 
  • Jared likes it because typing is easier for him, and it saves paper.
  • Because the blog is public, Dylan puts more thought into what she writes.
  • Taylor adds that blogs are more in tune with what teenagers do on a daily basis.
Ms. Sefton started the blog during this fourth quarter, to try something new.

"The students have to go onto the blog to see what each day's assignment is. I like providing that mystery for them.

We have to adjust our assignments to the ever-evolving needs of the students. Computers are their favorite way to communicate. My objective is to make writing as relevant and engaging as possible."

Thanks, Ms. Sefton!