January 14, 2010

Remember the Bookmobile?

To say that 1980 Seabury alum Sarah Bott is an avid reader is a HUGE understatement!

She sent me this photo, and this is what she relates about her small-kid experiences with the bookmobile on Maui. (This was when Kihei consisted of kiawe trees.)

"Living in what was then a very rural place (Kihei in the old days, about a mile uphill on Ohukai Rd, before school busses showed up), the Bookmobile was a huge deal for me. I checked out many books at a time and I doubt I ever missed the Bookmobile. It came every Wednesday, if I remember correctly. Everyone in my family read. I was reading Beverly Cleary books in 1st and 2nd grade largely because I had older brothers and sisters reading all the time. When I was in 5th grade at Kihei School, the librarian told my teacher (Mrs. Oishi) that I had at some point checked out every single book in the school library - they had me write down the entire list of books. (That didn't mean I had great grades, LOL - getting into Seabury was a struggle for me. But I did love to read.)"

Thanks, Sarah, for sharing your wonderful story.